a new community-driven decentralized green blockchain

We believe in the power of community and opensource 

Green technology

Skynet-Blockchain is built on top of fork of chia™, the currently greenest blockchain technology in the world

100% Opensource

All skynet-blockchain source code is public and shared with the entire global community in the world

  XNT  rewards

Anyone can participate in the project by downloading skynet-blockchain software and start competing to earn

Download cross-platform app

last_version v1.0.0

The application software is the center of the skynet-blockchain infrastructure.

Through the application you can farm, sign, send and receive XNT in a few moments through the entire blockchain network.

100% free and open source
5 XNT rewards per farmed block (first year)
Version available for Windows, MacOS and Linux
K >= K32 minimum plot size
Chia™ NFT and OG plots compatible
Timelord reward fee 0.1% of processed blocks
Pooling protocols
5.000.000 XNT as strategic reserve

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Proof of Space and Time (POST) algorithm

We can define it as the successor to the old method (POW) used to secure the previous blockchains like bitcoin.


In the Consensus Protocol, skynet-blockchain is using the new evolution of Nakamoto consensus algorithm called Proof of Space and Time.

Skynet-blockchain new innovative Nakamoto consensus algorithm greatly reduces energy consumption demands of Proof of Work from the live blockchain infrastructure, making it as energy efficient as possible.


Skynet-blockchain users will "seed" unused space on their hard disk drive (HDDs) or solid-state drivess (SSD) by installing software that stores a collection of cryptographic numbers inside tables on the disk in the form of ".plot" files with a minimum size of 101.3 GiB and these users are referred to as "farmers."

When the blockchain broadcasts the next block's challenge, farmers can scan their ".plot" files to see if they have the hash that is closest to the challenge.

The probability of a farmer winning a block is determined by the percentage of total space that a farmer has in comparison to the entire network.

how different is skynet-blockchaiN ?
The technology used by skynet-blockchain allows to create, maintain and manage a blockchain in a more efficient way in terms of energy consumption and consequently its CO2 production will be significantly lower than PoW blockchains such as the big bitcoin.


The use of the Proof of Space and Time algorithm allows skynet-blockchain to secure all its blocks no longer with the use of expensive mining resources such as dedicated video cards or asic, but with only space of your HDDs or SSD.


In short, less CO2 production and optimization of computational resources.


Another substantial difference is the amount of our strategic reserve 5.0M vs 21.0M of chia™ and a higher payment of solved blocks, 5 vs 2 with the addition "jolly" blocks reward X2,X5,X10 and other 99999 "jolly" blocks every year that will forever reward 5 XNT.


Last but not least, the timelord will receive a reward of 0.1% of fee for each block processed.

I can farm with Chia™ NFT or OG plots ?
What is the reward algorithm ?
how you will involve the community ?
any plans for the future ?
Why 5.000.000 XNT of strategic reserve ?
skynet-blockchaiN installation info

To install skynet-blockchain, follow these install instructions below according to your operating system.

This software only supports 64 bit operating systems.

All configuration data is stored in a directory structure at the $SKYNET_ROOT environment variable or at ~/.skynet/mainnet/ and you can find databases, and logs there.

If you are using the MacOS or Windows builds, your keys are created during the first run.

We recommend saving the mnemonic.

You can start plotting a plot file using the Plot tab or the command line.

To be competitive on mainnet you will probably have to have a few k=32 or larger plots but a k=32 plot currently takes about 10 hours to plot on an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD and requires 232 GiB of temporary working space to create a final plot file of 101.3 GiB.

If you want more peers and better network connectivity, you should also try opening port 9999 on your router so other peers can connect to you. This helps the network be more decentralized.

where find the latest official release ?
Whats are minimum specs ?
CLI commands support ?
Windows install ?
mac osx install ?
linux install ?
What is skynetlisp 
Do you have any other questions for us? 

We have started a discord server so that we can answer any other questions:  go here ==> Discord

Our communication and assistance team is available approximately on working days from 08:00UTC to 15:00UTC.

If you have any questions or want to apply to be part of our skynet-network, you can write to us here:

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