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Testnet -> Mainnet Rewards Ranking Scheme

To thank and contribute to the development of the community, a compensatory strategy has been designed that will transfer rewards in TXNT from testnet_09 to mainnet XNT, in a minimal part but in a democratic way based on the contribution.

Only addresses that have a positive balance deriving from incoming rewards from proof will be counted.

There is no need to sign up or do anything. it's all on the blockchain already.

We collect the data of all the addresses they are farming in real time and create a ranking based on the number of blocks won.


The ratio will be expressed as follows:

- the first 50 will receive 1000 XNT

- from 51st to 100th they will receive 500 XNT

- from 101st to 200th will receive 250 XNT

- from 201 to 500 will receive 100 XNT


The testnet phase will finish shortly, stay tuned.